Individual Therapy

Therapy for teens and young adults.

From Past Hurts to Future Hopes: Rediscovering Fulfillment and Peace

You’re nervous, worried and feel like you’re living in the past. It feels like it is haunting you. Relationships feel scary because of how you’ve been hurt or let down by people in your life. You know you are ready for the next chapter but you just aren’t sure how to get there or move on. Feelings of overwhelm, being “stuck” and anxiety are feelings that you have come to know too well. You remember a time when you didn’t feel this way, but that was before “that” happened.

While it is hard to imagine now, I want you to know there is a reality where you can move on from past hurt and thrive. Close romantic relationships, meaningful family connections and fulfilling friendships are within reach and you deserve them. Let’s define a future for you that you are passionate about where words like content, fulfilled and peaceful take back the spotlight.

How Can A Therapy Session Better Your Life?


Feel more comfortable in relationships


Gaining a better understanding of yourself


Learn how to handle hard situations


Do better in school


Have more fulfilling relationships


Increase feelings of safety


Learn how to feel less worried in social situations

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What Can I Expect During a Session?

When my clients come to my first session, they can expect to have a 50-minute session where we get to know each other. Like all relationships, we don’t have much if we don’t have trust. I take that seriously and will begin to earn your trust in that first session. We will discuss why you’ve come to therapy and what you would like our sessions to look like. We will review how long you’ve been experiencing being unhappy with yourself and in relationships so we can get a better understanding of the work we have to do together. Many clients come to me because they want to feel proud of themselves and their relationships. You know why you’re here. I know how to help you. It’s that simple. We may talk about the big things you thought you weren’t ready to talk about; we may talk about the guy who cut you off in traffic today and how that made you feel. In session, you’re guiding the conversation.

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