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I specialize in helping teens and young adults through the intricacies of past traumas, aiming to foster more robust, healthier relationships. My clients struggle as you do. Despite being hard working, passionate, and talented; life is hard. When clients first come in, they struggle to voice their needs in relationships. Often, they have a hard time even recognizing what it is that they need. They feel frustrated and it often leads to conflicts with loved ones, leaving them in a maze of self-doubt and reluctance to accept genuine support and love from those closest to them.Their past experiences get in the way of the life they want in so many ways. They aren’t the kind of partner, friend, or family member they want to be. They feel like they’re failing at being their best selves. Their confidence is tanking.

Before they came to see me, they feared that being “bad” or “unlovable” is just who they are. They were skeptical about the promise of meaningful relationships. However, everyone deserves to feel loved and accepted, to revel in fulfilling relationships, and to view themselves with pride and confidence. Establishing healthy boundaries and cultivating a positive view of themselves are not just aspirations but attainable realities. If you’re looking to break free from the chains of the past and embrace a brighter present, I am here to support and navigate that journey with you.

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Navigating the complexities of life can sometimes feel daunting, especially when past traumas cloud your path and your relationships are failing. Whether you’re grappling with personal issues, seeking to mend strained family ties, or exploring specialized trauma-focused treatments like EMDR, our range of therapeutic services are designed to guide you. With Individual Therapy, we journey towards healing; through Family Therapy, we rebuild trust; and with EMDR, we harness the best in trauma-focused approaches to support your well-being. Whatever your needs, we’re here to pave the way to a brighter, more harmonious future.

Teen Therapy

Overwhelmed by the past? Together, we’ll pave a path to healing, restoring relationships, and a peaceful future.

Family Therapy

Feeling misunderstood by your parents? Through family therapy, we’ll rejuvenate trust, understanding, and more.


As an EMDRIA-certified therapist, I’m equipped to provide this gold standard in trauma-focused therapy.


Sophie Clauss, LMFT

From embracing her vibrant extroverted nature to navigating her personal therapeutic journey, she’s transformed her insights into a beacon for teens and young adults wrestling with relationship challenges and feelings of being “stuck”. Leveraging her profound expertise—gained from a rich academic background and specialized training in EMDR tailored for teens and young adults—Sophie crafts a haven of trust and safety in therapy. Whether you’re grappling with past memories, seeking healthier relationship dynamics, or aiming to bolster your social skills, delve deeper with Sophie and unlock the path to understanding, healing, and growth.

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Alissa Fernandez-Bell, ACSW

Supporting teens and young adults exactly where they are at is Alissa’s specialty. You’ll feel understood, guided and soon, transformed. From embracing her own experiences, which may or may not be similar to your own, to finding her path she is ready to support you in finding peace. Whether you’re unhappy with your relationships, fighting with your parents, having a hard time knowing which classes to take in college, lacking motivation, reliving the past, feeling nervous or on edge, overwhelmed, Alissa is ready to support you in moving forward. You deserve to find solutions and most importantly, peace.

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