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Rebuilding Trust and Understanding: Transforming Family Dynamics through Therapy

You argue constantly with your teen and wonder how you got to this place. You remember a time when you had fun together and you weren’t so “hated”. One day you are hoping to have a fulfilling relationship again that isn’t filled with tension. Worrying about your relationship with them keeps you up at night and is starting to affect you emotionally.

My goal for my clients is to help you work through the things holding you back from being the family you want to be (& maybe making sure that idea is realistic!). We’ll meet for your initial intake session to get a sense of what your needs are & where I can help. You may feel vulnerable initially, but our pace, what you disclose, & how we approach solutions & coping is up to you. I will challenge you (but not like with a math problem or something) & help you find the tools you need to be a happier you.

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Who Can Benefit From Family Therapy?

Family therapy with me is unique. Typically, I will allow any and all members of the family who are interested to join family sessions. I believe each family member can benefit from an environment of mutual understanding and respect for one another. I take the time to support each family member in being understood while also being an advocate for my clients during the session. We will learn how members of your family can understand each other better and improve your relationship overall.

What Can I Expect During a Family Therapy Session?

In family therapy, I will take time to individually get to know all family members to create an environment of trust. You can expect a 50-minute session where we will focus on getting back to a place of mutual understanding and respect for one another. Like all relationships, we don’t have much if we don’t have trust. I take that seriously and will begin to earn trust in that first session. We will discuss why you’ve come to therapy and what you would like our sessions to look like. We will review how long you’ve been experiencing being unhappy with yourself and in relationships so we can get a better understanding of the work we have to do together.

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