Meet Sophie Clauss

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

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Hi! My name is Sophie

(well, actually Sophia but no one calls me that)

I’m an extrovert who learned early on how to not be “too much” and then, through my own therapy, relearned how to embrace the “too much-ness” of me, be myself, and appreciate and love myself.

I dedicate my work to assisting teens and young adults navigating relationship struggles, past experiences and feeling “stuck”. Their journey often involves grasping the essence of healthy relationships, setting boundaries, and honing positive communication skills. Drawing from my own experiences—which may differ from yours—I understand the importance of nurturing wholesome relationships that everyone rightfully deserves.

Building Trust

Trust is foundational. With many of my clients recounting past unpleasant therapy experiences, my primary goal is to cultivate a sanctuary of safety, acceptance, and confidentiality. Therapy is a haven where one can be authentically themselves, devoid of judgment, and I’m committed to ensuring this for every individual.

With trust established, we delve into addressing past hurts, anxieties, and concerns. I aid my clients in adopting new coping mechanisms, understanding past and present contexts, and fostering healthier relationships. If past memories plague you or if you’re at odds with loved ones, know that you’re not alone—I’m here to help.

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My Professional Journey

After obtaining my Master’s Degree in Psychology with a focus on Marriage and Family therapy from Hope International University, I immersed myself wholly into the program. Not only was I chosen as a graduate assistant, but I also served as the President of the honor society and offered therapy at the on-campus counseling center.

My background involves empowering teens and young adults to confront and heal from traumas, leveraging evidence-based treatments. I’m certified in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)—a trauma-focused approach. I have specialized training in using EMDR tailored for teens and young adults. My expertise also extends to assisting adolescents in enhancing their social skills via an evidence-based curriculum, PEERS. Additionally, I’ve devoted years to working alongside the permanency population, helping them find stability and peace in their forever homes.

Throughout my diverse experiences, the profound impact of therapy became abundantly clear. I take immense pride in being an unwavering advocate for my clients, be it guiding teens, understanding family dynamics, or supporting young adults in their unique challenges.

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